Quentin (John) Burton (QJB) – lead vocals, bass, guitars

In bands and a musician since the age of 9, a Bowie fan after seeing Starman on Top of the Pops, and writing songs since the age of 15. He’s twiddled his thumbs in a dozen odd bands most notably in recent times as part of alt-artrock duo The Real King(s) of Spain. First Bowie song performed was Drive-In Saturday at a teenage party. Bowie songs have formed part of his solo set pretty much consistently since then. After curating and playing at a Bowie tribute show in April 2016 and a couple of birthday shows in 2017 / 18 he set up The Genius of David Bowie as an ongoing concern and in addition to his musical contribution acts as benevolent musical dictator (please check should that be director????)

Sean McBride – saxophones, flute and percussion

1) I missed the iconic David Bowie shows at Friars Aylesbury cause I wasn’t really into “glam” at that time;
2) Back then there was some debate as to whether his name was pronounced “Bow–ie”, or “Bow–ie”. The guy in the Monkees was Davy Jones, Bowie was originally David Jones;
3) In 1983 I mimed my own recorded sax solo on Song For Europe – the (my) notes were reputedly played by Ronnie Ross in the BBC band. Ronnie Ross was David Bowie’s sax teacher back in the day;
4) Did you know some of the iconic David Bowie songs have odd time structures and chorus/verse lengths…but still manage to sound iconic?
5) I’ve been playing saxophone for a lot of years and like playing interesting stuff with weird people;
6) I thank you..

Damian Michael Polley – guitars, vocals, bass

Damian has spent the past 20 years around the edges of the Bristol music scene, in many different roles and is well known and respected as a musician, producer and film maker. Staring with his own electronica band Your’s, he gradually diversified into doing music production & videos for others as Yourmusic Productions. He discovered Bowie through his 90’s spiritual descendants such as Suede, Pulp & Gay Dad, as they talked about their own influences in the music magazines of the day and learned many of his songs through osmosis during his travails. Having recently spent four years playing guitar in an Elton John Tribute act (a fair chunk of that with Q on bass), he decided that this would be a good opportunity to delve deeper into Bowie’s oeuvre.

Perry Robbins (aka – Rip Snobbery) – Drums, vocals, percussion

He was caught paradiddling with a pair of 5b’s coming out of his mother’s womb. Since then he hit upturned pots and pans before able to walk and his first kit at the age of 4 lasted about one day. It’s been reported this was caused by his powerful bass drum boot (he taught John Bonham his technique you know). At the age of 5 he studied his snare drum rudiments upon a sturdy plastic Ringo Starr snare drum. From then until the age of 12, his musical career gave way to more mundane academic studies. But after being given his first proper kit as a Christmas present from his parents (a 3-piece Premier Olympic, no less), his musical career became much more serious.
Taking-up lessons with Eddie Clayton (former BBC drummer) he began participating in school bands, the earliest of which he can remember was ‘Hieronymus Bosch’. Since that time and a catastrophic setback, he has devoured many bands; some of which were original (Eye on Youth, Kyoto Dream, The Call) and some were covers bands, for pure enjoyment but mostly money. His love of all music but particularly Bowie, gave him the opportunity of forming with friends a Bowie band called ‘Pin-Ups’ in the mid 90’s. This latest venture with ‘GoD Bowie’ is definitely the one of most commitment as he now feels honoured and privileged to play music created by such a late, great, awe-inspiring genius. Go David Bowie

Chris Hales – keyboards, percussion

Second of three twins he is a secret lemonade drinker and holds the Guinness book of world records. He is the man that was killed by the kids when we had to break up the band and is also very litigious but has a super injunction in place that prevents us from telling you about this. In his spare time he is a secret philatelist who owns a fake penny black that he keeps in a jar by the door but we don’t know who it is for.
Some of the above may not be true … but he was given the chance to write his own biog!

Stephen Taggart: Guitars and vocals

Having played guitar from an early age his love of music was amplified when he studied music production in Liverpool where he found himself recreating 70s/ 80d synth and rock music. His dad had introduced him to Bowie growing up and so he drew influences from Mick Ronson’s licks while learning the guitar, He started his live musical life playing in covers bands in Liverpool and also a classic rock band called The Monzas. He has now played for over 20 years and is excited to keep Bowie music and the classic songs alive


Matt Reynolds – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass

Matt was first introduced to Bowie at 16 when his parents split up. He went to live in a little cottage with his dad, who played him Hunky Dory. After hearing ‘Life On Mars?’ he became a lifelong fan. Getting to see Bowie live at Glastonbury is one of the highlights of his life. Matt brings an appreciation of Bowie’s later work in particular to the band, from Outside all the way to Blackstar. Matt has performed many of Bowie’s songs in a solo acoustic format and is excited about being able to perform the man’s work in a full band setting.

Kizzy Morrell – lead vocals (and diva!)

Professional International Jazz n Blues Artists | Artist Developer, Promoter, Event organiser | Radio Presenter, 6 times Award winner and proud owner of The Lord Mayors Medal for outstanding contributions to her community. Kizzy’s love of David Bowie started when she gave bedroom performances of Bowie songs on an upturned wardrobe. Also in charge of vocal coaching and arrangements in the band.

Mark Feven: Piano and Vocals


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